Summer is Coming!

Summer is right around the corner in Albuquerque! Are you worried about your swamp cooler cooling down your home or office this summer? If so, it might be time to make the change over to a refrigerated air conditioner!

Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative air conditioners, are a thing of the past and are very ineffective when it comes to cooling. Not to mention that they are notoriously leaky and stain their surroundings. If you’ve been considering the changeover, you’ve come to the right place. 

It is vital to make the change before it gets too hot. Spring is the perfect time to make the change. Waiting until mid-summer could mean long wait times for service and weeks of miserably hot Albuquerque afternoons. 

About Refrigerated Air Conditioning

You will love the change to refrigerated central air conditioning. You can set your temperature and forget it! These systems are all-in-one and allow you to switch between heating and cooling seamlessly, perfect for New Mexico weather.

One main concern for people wanting to make the switch is cost. But nowadays, you’ll find that refrigerated air can be just as cost-efficient as evaporative cooling systems. Not to mention, refrigerated air doesn’t use the water that the alternative system does. 

A refrigeration system is used in a controlled environment and doesn’t have to be set up in a window or doorway, making it safer to have in a home. The New Mexican springtime and fall can also call for heating and cooling on the same day, making this the ideal system. 

What does it cost to make the switch?

Here at Courtesy, we get this question a lot. The main thing that factors into cost is the overall size of the place we need to heat and cool. And next, we have to consider the energy efficiency of the unit. 

Your actual square footage will determine how big of a unit you’ll need. In homes over 2,500 square feet, you might even need two units. Also, buildings with multiple levels usually need a unit for each level. 

The electrical capabilities of your building might also influence the cost of home air conditioning installation. If you have old electrical panels, you might need to get an upgrade as well. 

Our team at Courtesy would be happy to evaluate your home for a new system and give you a quote and tell you what you can expect. Don’t wait until summer! Take care of your air conditioning system today.

The Overall Difference

Switching systems can be expensive on the front side. The unit itself will cost more than a swamp cooler, but you’ll be better off in the long run. Many New Mexicans find the cost well justified after they make the switch. 

You can’t put a price on a cool July kitchen in the middle of summer. You will also be adding value to our home. New home buyers expect to have refrigerated air conditioning units, and a swamp cooler could de-value your home in the event you want to re-sell.  

Even with a swamp cooler, you will notice over time that the cooler won’t cool down your home. The swamp cooler pulls outside air through a wet sponge to cool down the room. If it’s too hot outside, the air outside will simply not cool down enough to make a difference. People with swamp coolers complain of miserably hot summer days in Albuquerque. 

Bonus, if your family suffers from seasonal allergies, then you’ll love the refrigerated system. A new system won’t pull in air particles from the outdoors. Another big draw is that some of the new systems let you control your house temperature from your phone. 

Your Albuquerque Air Conditioning Technicians

If you are ready to make the AC unit switch, we are ready to help. Our specialists have been working in Albuquerque for years and know about customers’ long-term needs. We will help guide you through system selection, and we’ll provide central air installation. 

Our 4.5 stars on Google speak for themselves! Call us today at 505-830-9099 to ask questions or get a quote for your home or business. We can have your place ready to go, just in time for summer!